The Newest Begining

I have been getting better since my last post. It really helped me to be able to come here and share life with you (by you I mean that one person who may come across this years from now). It also helps that I went to the gym. Twice! Finally got in a solid workout and some cardio. It hurts so good 🙂

I’ve also been making an effort to include some quality protein with every meal, and to eat more regularly. As in eating actual meals throughout the day and not over binging snacking. Trail mix, dried fruit, and carbs were taking over my diet.

I cooked, multiple times, over the past 3 days. This is strange for me. The usual, pasta and a jar of sauce, has not shown up in a least a week (with the exception of homemade baked ravioli). I made roasted butternut squash soup, black bean and yam burritos, fried eggs, and even tried making perfect protein pancakes. Pancakes were a fail. Entirely my fault. I did not measure anything. If I do not follow recipes exactly, they never turn out.

Last night involved a windy-as-hell walk along the breakwater, studying, and hot tubing at the local pool. It was nice to get out and do something different. I will try to remember to get photos next time.

I have no real plans for tonight. A little studying, showering, and magazine reading. Quiet night since I plan on being up at 6am to register for my classes next semester.

I am still undecided on what route this little blog should take.


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